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The McLaren Artura is a hybrid sports car designed and manufactured by the British car manufacturer McLaren Automotive, scheduled to enter production from 2021. Nomenclature. According to Shmee150, the name Artura is a mix of the words 'art' and 'future'. In a video on. McLaren Artura Configurator - McLaren Automotive The Artura is the next-generation supercar. With ultra-light engineering, blistering electrified power and sublime agility and engagement. We poured every drop of our expertise into its DNA Although the infotainment system in a McLaren is typically an afterthought for shoppers, the Artura boasts a prominent 8.0-inch vertically-oriented touchscreen with customary features. This.. Everything we've ever done has led to this point. Every drop of our expertise has been poured into creating Artura. Our next-generation hybrid supercar for t..

McLaren is a hybrid super car.2,993 cc (3.0 L)M630 twin turbo charge V6 enginevideo credits to:https://youtube.com/c/McLarenAutomotiveTV#mclaren #supercars #.. The Artura is the first McLaren to use MCLA, which is designed and produced at McLaren Composites Technology Centre in Sheffield, UK Optimized for High-Performance Hybrid models, MCLA comprises three elements: carbon fiber monocoque, electrical architecture, and chassis and suspension structure

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Arriving 2022: The Electrifying McLaren Artura | Tatler Asia Cover McLaren Artura Here's your rundown of McLaren's first hybrid supercar in serial production, which is set to reach Singapore in 2022. 5 view Galler McLaren introduced its first hybrid supercar, the Artura, in the first quarter of 2021. Deliveries to the first customers are only now starting, but one Artura has already been crashed - and it's.. #2022 #McLaren #Hybrid #SupercarEngin Henry Catchpole gets a close-up look at Artura, McLaren's new twin-turbo V6 plug-in hybrid supercar.Timestamps:00:00 Intro00:56 Does hybrid mean heavy?02:35.

McLaren Artura Launch Delayed Because Of, You Guessed It, Chips. No automaker can escape the shortage. By Anthony Alaniz Dec 28 2021. 3 Deliveries of the McLaren Artura have gotten pushed to early July. It is the third delay for the plug-in hybrid supercar. December 28, 2021 11:30 AM Urvaksh Karkaria The Artura is McLaren's first..

Artura is the first McLaren hybrid supercar and is sure to impress Jupiter drivers. McLaren Automotive will bring the full force of expertise in hybrid powertrain engineering to the supercar class next year. Artura is a High-Performance Hybrid (HPH) supercar Read More Posted in McLaren Model Feature McLaren Power, Performance, And Suspension The mid-engined Artura is powered by a new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 that alone produces 577 horsepower and 431 lb-ft of torque. Combined with the.. The Artura will spearhead a new platform for McLaren, dubbed the Carbon Lightweight Architecture, or CLA. Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine that is supplemented by an axial flux..

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The Artura has super-clever adaptive dampers. Across the car are normal anti-roll bars, not the hydraulic cross-linking that faster McLarens have. Instead of the firm's old 'brake-steer' software.. An optimal blend of advanced engineering and prevailing power, the Artura is the all-new high-performance hybrid supercar from McLaren. It is now available for pre-order at McLaren Seattle. HYBRID TECHNOLOGY The Artura is based on the all-new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) #mclaren #mclarenartura #superca Mclaren Artura #shorts #cars #luxurycars #supercars #mclarenartura #sportscar #cleancar #awesom [The Artura] is the most significant launch that we've had since we introduced the 12C back in 2011, Brown says. The new McLaren Artura high-performance hybrid supercar When asked why McLaren didn't go fully electric with the car, Brown hinted at that F1 DNA, where the race team currently uses hybrid technology

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The 2022 McLaren Artura will start at $225,000. In fact, you can order it now and have it delivered to your West Palm Beach home later this year. Read on to learn about the highlight features and engine specs available on the 2022 Artura, and then call McLaren Palm Beach at 855-696-2527. Read More The Artura is McLaren's first production-series hybrid. Whereas the P1 was ultra-exclusive and ultra-expensive, the Artura's higher production targets make it more attainable for those who can afford such things. On the flip side, it nearly matches the P1 for performance thanks to its 671-bhp hybrid powertrain, consisting of a twin-turbocharged.

Citing microchip shortages, McLaren has announced another delay in production for its plug-in hybrid supercar, the Artura. McLaren now expects the car to go into production in July 2022. Reports indicate that McLaren is prioritizing its available supply of chips for higher profit models, including the Elva and 765LT Spider McLaren Artura Launch Delayed Because Of, You Guessed It, Chips Anthony Alaniz 12/28/2021 US coronavirus: Covid-19 hospitalizations are dropping in the Northeast but rising in other parts of the. McLaren Artura | Photo: McLaren. The Artura will combine McLaren's first-ever V6 engine, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre unit, with an electric motor as well as a 7.4-kilowatt-hour battery. This PHEV supercar is an important milestone for McLaren as it will lead the way towards full-electrification by 2026

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McLaren plans to sell the vehicle starting at $225,000, but anyone looking to purchase one will have to wait. A new report suggests that McLaren has delayed production of the Artura for the third. McLaren says the hybrid system in its entirety adds just 287 pounds to the Artura. The new V-6, at 353 pounds, is 110 pounds lighter than the older V-8. A net gain of 177 pounds isn't too bad.

The McLaren Artura has an eight-speed transmission and a body made largely out of carbon fiber and aluminum. McLaren previously unveiled the basic engineering that underpins this car, and which. The McLaren Artura is the first model to have the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at its core. Designed and manufactured at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) in the Sheffield region, MCLA sets a new standard for McLaren's advanced flexible chassis design The new 2022 McLaren Artura is the first series-produced hybrid supercar from the brand. It boasts a new mid-engined setup and lightweight platform, with a remarkably spacious two-seater interior cabin than the current 720S.Apart from the base trim, you will also find Performance, TechLux, and Vision trim in the Artura lineup, prices will start at $225,000 The McLaren Artura represents a big step forward for the supercar brand. A replacement for the 570S, the Artura is the first car on a new chassis designed specifically for a hybrid powertrain, and.

All-new plug-in hybrid McLaren Artura supercar revealed with 671bhp and 19-mile electric range. by James Howe. 16 Feb 2021. This is the McLaren Artura, the British supercar manufacturer's all-new model that's set to replace its existing Sports Series cars like the 570S. McLaren calls the car a 'High-Performance Hybrid' - it's the first plug. McLaren says the Artura's 7.4kWh battery will support an estimated 19 miles of electric-only range with a top speed of 81 miles per hour. Its e-motor is the first axial flux type in a series. The 2022 McLaren Artura was supposed to launch this fall. However, the winter solstice has come and gone - and no Artura. There won't be one until early July, according to a new Automotive News report. The chip shortage that has rocked the entire auto industry has finally hit McLaren, which is delaying the Artura's launch McLaren also provided two close-up rear-end shots showing the new Artura script underneath the McLaren badge. The images show off the mesh insert flanked by two large, round tailpipes. It looks.

McLaren has still not revealed when the 2022 Artura will hit the road. But, the appearance of teaser images, as well as an official confirmation of the Artura moniker, indicates that consumers will not have too much longer to wait. We suspect that McLaren could either unveil the model towards the end of the year or perhaps choose to do so in. The 2021 McLaren Artura hybrid supercar. McLaren. Artura's design is informed by process. McLaren's first series-production performance plug-in hybrid continues the marque's quest to explore. The Artura marks the debut of a first-for-McLaren compact, twin-turbocharged V6 engine designed to combine with an electric motor. The HPH V6 powertrain gives the performance of McLaren's larger capacity V8 engines with improved torque at low revs. You also have the option of electric-only, emission-free driving when you're in the city McLaren'in yeni hiper otomobili Artura'nın Amerika sınırlarına giriş tarihi ertelendi. Çıkış yaptığı günden beri ertelemeler ile boğuşan Artura, ancak Temmuz 2022 yılında merakla beklediği ABD topraklarına giriş yapabilecek. Otomotiv dünyasını sarsan çip krizi sonunda McLaren'i de vurunca, Artura'nın üretim süreci zora girdi Deliveries of McLaren's new Artura supercar will be delayed, a company spokesperson confirmed Tuesday. Originally reported by Automotive News, the Artura was expected to hit the road by the end of.

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New McLaren Artura. Plug-In Hybrid Supercar. Set to be one of the most important McLaren launches in history, named Artura, the next generation V6 hybrid is all-new in multiple aspects. Not only does the hybrid supercar promise more exhilarating performance, improved technology and sophistication, but the Artura will also be a world first.. McLaren Reveals The Artura Hybrid Supercar. The Artura can go from 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds, 0-200 kmph tales 8.3 seconds while the 300 kmph mark is achieved in 21.5 seconds. Top speed is limited to 330kmph. After months of teasing the car, McLaren has finally revealed the Artura Hybrid supercar McLaren has confirmed that it will be delaying the launch of its new hybrid supercar, the Artura, until the summer of 2022. Slated to commence deliveries by the end of 2021, the company has stated that the chip shortage has forced a revised timeline. The semiconductor shortage has been a popular excuse for automakers the [ 2022 McLaren Artura BASE MSRP: (Estimated)$229,000 Horsepower: 671hp and 531 lb-ft torque (including electric) Coming Soon to Denver: 2022 McLaren Artura. Set to revolutionize the sportscar market, the 2022 McLaren Artura is the brand's first hybrid offering. Drivers can expect the same excellence in luxury and performance that comes with other McLaren vehicles, but with the exciting. McLaren's all-new hybrid supercar The release of the Artura marks a moment in McLaren history, as it's the brand's first ever series production High Performance Hybrid (HPH) supercar. Here, McLaren blends breath-taking performance and incredible dynamics with Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) technology

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El McLaren Artura llegará a los concesionarios en julio de 2022. Esto es lo que se conoce de momento Cabe recordar que el Artura es el primer híbrido enchufable de serie de McLaren. En España, cuesta alrededor de 235.000 euros y disfruta de un tren motriz con 680 CV, que combina un motor 3.0 V6 biturbo de 585 CV y una unidad eléctrica de 95 CV Although everything about the Artura's structure is new, it seems there is an optimal size for a McLaren. Like the 570S and 720S, the Artura is a little over 4.5m in length and just under 2.0m.

McLaren Artura được trang bị động cơ V6, dung tích 3.0L, tăng áp kép, kết hợp với một mô-tơ điện và hệ thống pin 7,4 kWh, đưa tổng công suất lên đến 671 mã lực và 720 Nm mô-men xoắn McLaren Muscat showcases its flagship models - Artura, GT and 720S. At a two-day event attended by the crème de la crème of Oman, McLaren Muscat showcased its flagship models at the Zunairah mansions in Al Mouj Muscat. McLaren not only displayed its models but also gave McLaren GT and McLaren 720S for test drive to sport cars enthusiasts Als erstes McLaren-Modell kommt im Artura ein neu entwickelter V6-Ottomotor zum Einsatz. Kombiniert wird er mit einem Elektromotor, der den Wagen auch alleine antreiben kann. Die Systemleistung beträgt 500 kW (680 PS). Ein Akkumulator mit einem Energieinhalt von 7,4 kWh liefert die Energie dazu. Die elektrische Reichweite wird mit 30 km angegeben

McLaren Artura is a PHEV-Powered Hypercar With Optional Snow Tires. Artura launches new chassis, engine, PHEV system 30 km EV range, but just 93 hp on EV The latest from McLaren is the company's first series-production hybrid and while it looks to offer impressive maximum performance, those who were hoping for a new styling.. The full force of McLaren Artura. Discover Raise your limits 720S. Discover For the Fearless 765LT Spider. Discover New Rules New GT. Discover 01. Artura. 02. 720S. 03. 765LT Spider. 04. New GT. OUR PRE-OWNED CARS. Select Model. All Models. Model Year. From. 0 Vehicles Found. Reset Filters. Show All Pre-Owne

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  1. The Artura is a priority for McLaren — 40 percent of the company's 2022 production is reserved for the new model, dealers have been told. It starts at $229,500 including shipping, and is a conquest vehicle for McLaren. The Artura gets to the meaty part of the supercar market, DiStanislao said. It helps with volumes
  2. McLAREN. Singapore. At McLaren, an unswerving commitment to excellence and innovation underpins everything we do - from the performance of the Formula One™ team on race day, to the ownership experience we offer with our road cars. Welcome to McLaren Singapore. We are proud to join the McLaren team as your authorised retailer in Singapore
  3. McLaren Doha is the only authorized Retail Partner of McLaren Automotive in Qatar. Our showroom is located at one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, Al Hazm which is located right in the heart of Doha. At McLaren Doha, our aim is to support everything that McLaren brand stands for. Pioneering new technology
  4. McLaren Kuala Lumpur is the sole official importer and accredited retailer for McLaren Automotive and provides maintenance and repair services of McLarens in Malaysia. It is one of over 80, factory-appointed, official retailers in 30 markets around the world. Located in the heart of the automotive industry hub of Glenmarie, Shah Alam in the Klang Valley, which includes a service centre.
  5. The McLaren Artura plug-in hyper-car will have a Canadian starting price of $280,000. Share this article in your social network. Share this Story: First Look: 2022 McLaren Artura

The McLaren Artura pumps out 671 hp from its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 PHEV powertrain. April 9, 2021 at 8:34 pm. It's Official: The McLaren Artura Is Wickedly Quick Hitting 62 MPH In 3 Seconds. The Artura's twin-turbo V6 engine is brand-new. McLaren Powertrain and hybrid system. The Artura's M630 twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 is completely new, sharing nothing with the V8 that's been in use.

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McLaren Artura. The all-new McLaren Artura marks the beginning of both a new chapter for the pioneering luxury supercar company and a new era in supercar technology and performance. McLaren's first series-production High-Performance Hybrid supercar focuses more than half a century of the company's racing and road-car experience and. The Artura is primarily driven by McLaren's first V6: a twin-turbo unit that produces 577 horsepower and 431 lb-ft of torque on its own — almost as much as the V8-powered McLaren GT.The plug-in.

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  1. The Artura is the first McLaren to enjoy a plug-in hybrid setup routed through a twin-turbo V6 engine. This powerplant propels the machine from zero to 60 miles-per-hour in just three seconds, and ultimately works its way up to a top-speed of 205 miles-per-hour
  2. The Artura's V-6 and e-motor combine for 671 hp and 531 ft lbs of torque. That power is managed by a new eight-speed seamless-shift gearbox (SSG) and McLaren's introductory use of an.
  3. McLaren Artura | nos photos de Ła supercar hybride rechargeable; Partenaires. Trouvez votre véhicule. Rechercher. Diaporamas. Voir le diaporama. Essai Volkswagen Taigo (2022) : nos photos du SUV.
  4. When the McLaren Artura reaches the road later this year, it will do so riding on the world's first Cyber Tires. Made by Pirelli, the tires feature an evolution of the tire pressure monitoring.
  5. arturaの開発は白紙の状態からスタートし、まったく新しい「マクラーレン・カーボン・ライトウェイト・アーキテクチャー(mcla)」がその中核となりました
  6. ARTURA TOUR. 2021. McLaren Arturaを. 間近に感じるチャンス。. また来場者限定で. 特別な試乗会が当たる. キャンペーンを実施!. 「Everything for reason」. すべてのデザインには意味がある。

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The 2022 McLaren Artura is expected to arrive in Australia during the first quarter of 2022 - a delay from the third or fourth quarter of 2021 timing previously announced - with prices. La McLaren Artura démarre en mode électrique et jusqu'à 40 km/h, ne démarre pas le V6. Et alors que la transmission est à 8 rapports, la marche arrière elle est exclusivement en électrique. À noter que la charge de la batterie nécessite 2h30 pour arriver à 80 %. Et que le moteur thermique peut également servir à recharger la batterie The Artura is the first McLaren to be truly new since the the MP4-12C supercar nearly a decade ago. Riding on the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), the carbon-fiber tub replaces. The McLaren Artura has four Powertrain modes, covering every driving requirement: E-mode, Comfort, Sport and Track. E-mode is the default for silent start-up and zero-emissions, fully-electric driving. In Comfort mode, the V6 petrol engine runs in tandem with the E-motor, with maximum assistance for fuel saving..

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  1. McLaren's capable V-8 unit is not going to power the Artura. Instead, most of the power will come from the new M630 unit. As the name suggests, it's a 3.0-liter V-6, with a 120-degree V-angle.
  2. The new McLaren Artura hybrid supercar is set for launch by the end of 2021, with McLaren referring to its new petrol-electric two-seater as its first 'High-Performance Hybrid' model. The new.
  3. McLaren will be making its High Performance Hybrid (HPH) debut with the new Artura, and now the British supercar maker is offering a preview of what's to come. Based on both the McLaren P1 back.

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  1. The McLaren Artura fits into McLaren's Super Series category with the 720S and 765LT, featuring an all-new hybrid powertrain. The Artura will be powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 mated to an.
  2. McLaren reveals the $225k Artura, its first production hybrid supercar. It can travel up to 19 miles on electric power alone. McLaren has been in the business of making ludicrously light and.
  3. McLaren Speedtail Albert. McLaren 765LT Spider. 1995 McLaren F1. McLaren Elva with a windshield. McLaren F1 car Gulf livery. McLaren 720S GT3X. 26 26. 2 26. McLaren Artura
  4. McLaren Artura. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. L' Artura est une supercar hybride rechargeable du constructeur automobile britannique McLaren Automotive, produite à partir de 2021. Elle est l'entrée de gamme de la famille des « Sports Series » du constructeur, sous la 600LT
  5. McLaren's Electrified Artura Supercar Is Something From the Future The $225,000 USD machine is an economical supercar that can do 205 MPH
  6. The McLaren Artura configurator is a powerful thing. Not only are there so many options to go through, but it's also a stunning piece of technology. Instead of having static images to look at.

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McLaren. 15 / 16. The new Artura's 671 hp and 1,395 kg (3,075 lb) will make for fun on the road or track. McLaren. 16 / 16. Sharp-looking rims and front wheel arch gills are nice details. McLaren. McLaren傾注全力打造的首款非限量高性能油電超跑Artura矚目而生,完美接續McLaren P1及Speedtail的地位。 在品牌標誌性設計風格之底蘊大膽創新,以多項專屬領先科技將Hybrid車型達到McLaren一貫的極致輕量化訴求,展現強勢性能數據及更優異的動態表現,創造無可比擬的人車互動性 McLaren quotes a 205 mph top speed for the Artura. Meanwhile, Artura's all-electric range is an acceptable 19 miles, exactly the same as the P1's EPA-rated 19 miles of range in EV mode A rather nasty accident has occurred in Spain, specifically in the La Rioja province in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, where a brand-new McLaren Artura collided head-on with a BMW 3 Series. McLaren Artura (2021) mit 680 PS Systemleistung. Für Performance ist beim McLaren Artura (2021) also gesorgt. Alltagsfahrer:innen kommen aber ebenfalls auf ihre Kosten, denn der Hybrid-Sportler bekommt das Elva-Cockpit mit einem an das nach wie vor knöpfchenfreie Lenkrad angedockten Instrumentenpanel samt Wippe für die Fahrmodi

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McLaren claims the Artura will sprint from 0-100km/h in 3.0sec and reach 200km/h in 8.3sec en route to a top speed of 330km/h. On those numbers the Artura looks to be as quick as the F8 Tributo to 100km/h, and just a few tenths of a second off the Huracan Evo, which of course benefits from superior traction off the line thanks to all-wheel drive McLaren Artura: un deportivo híbrido para una nueva era. El Artura es el primer híbrido enchufable de McLaren. I gual que el F1 marcó el inicio de McLaren como constructor de deportivos de. Based on price and powertrain totals, these put the Artura between the McLaren GT and the 720S. But a high-performance hybrid powertrain isn't the only thing that makes the Artura special, the team at McLaren began with a fresh slate to incorporate the MCLA (McLaren Carbon Fiber Lightweight Architecture) monocoque

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  1. McLaren Artura: Super Series seit 2017 McLaren 720S: seit 2020 McLaren 765LT: Ultimate Series 2015 McLaren P1 GTR: seit 2018 McLaren Senna: seit 2019 McLaren GT: seit 2020 McLaren Elva: seit 2020 McLaren Sabre: Ehemalige Modelle Bauzeitraum Modell Bild 1993-1997 McLaren F1: 2003-2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren: 2011-201
  2. Juru bicara McLaren Roger Ormisher mengatakan mulai tahun depan akan kembali memproduksi McLaren Artura sedikit demi sedikit. Ormisher memprediksi krisis chip semikonduktor akan berlanjut hingga tahun depan, bahkan 2023. Supercar McLaren Artura Hybrid (PHEV) yang diperkenalkan pada Februari 2021
  3. Looking for a 2022 McLaren Artura Coupe located in 2022 McLaren Artura Coupe Chicago IL. Estimate your payments Please adjust the options below so we can estimate the most accurate monthly payments. Your estimated credit score Loan term. Down payment.

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McLaren Artura, quando l'ibrido plug-in incrocia le supercar V6. Efficienza del sistema ibrido e prestazioni da supersportiva, la Artura offre ben 680 CV complessivi. Ve la mostriamo in video dal MIMO. Di Antonio Aimar 11 Giugno 2021 McLaren recently debuted its latest vehicle, the Artura. This plug-in hybrid EV is the first to debut for the British supercar manufacturer this year The McLaren Artura is the first model built on the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), which sets new standards for advanced and flexible chassis design and has been optimised for.

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In many ways the Artura looks like the true successor to the MP4-12C, but director of design Rob Melville told us the only real familiarity is in the signature McLaren hammerhead frontal appearance The Artura's one-two punch comes courtesy of a 577-hp, 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 and a 94-hp electric motor mounted between the engine and the transmission. Both forms of motivation turn the rear wheels exclusively. Total output rings in at 671 horsepower, and the specific output of 481 hp/ton is the highest of any McLaren save the roofless. The Artura isn't the next instalment in McLaren's entry-level Sports Series family as previously thought. Instead, it's a proper supercar expected to sit between the GT and 720S.The Sports Series. McLaren Artura revealed with 680hp hybrid V6 Priced from £185,500, the High Performance Hybrid signals a new era for McLaren Automotive. By Sam Sheehan / . Thursday, February 18, 2021 / Loading. McLaren Artura will be revealed on 17 February. It will use a V6 engine with hybrid powertrain. It will be underpinned by a new carbon fibre architecture. McLaren is going to add a new supercar to its portfolio this month. The iconic British sports car maker revealed that it will take the wraps off all-new Artura on 17 February

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